Friday, June 8, 2012

Frimkess Shop Exhibit

A selection of works Magdalena recently showed at South Willard, Los Angeles as part of their regular shop exhibit in store exhibitions. The horses are really great, made with a simple series of hand rolled tubes, Magdalena has been making variations on this horse form for over a decade. All these works 2010-2011 and all solo pieces with the exception of the large vase at the bottom which is a collaboration between Michael and Magdalena.

full details here.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Various plates and bowls made between 1990 and 2011, you can see the diversity both in Magdalena's forms and in the imagery she chooses to paint, her subject choices are pulled from both the pop culture world of comics, native north and south american iconography as well as art history and her own family history and urban surroundings.

In The Studio

A few views of Magdalena's works in the studio she shares with her husband and collaborator Michael Frimkess. The tiles were produced by Michael using his custom built slab roller and then glazed by Magdalena in the early 90's. In the third and last shot you can see a few recent bowls thrown by Michael which Magdalena has glazed, the free formed and hand built pots and mugs are solo works.