Thursday, June 7, 2012


Various plates and bowls made between 1990 and 2011, you can see the diversity both in Magdalena's forms and in the imagery she chooses to paint, her subject choices are pulled from both the pop culture world of comics, native north and south american iconography as well as art history and her own family history and urban surroundings.

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  1. Hi Magdalena! I bought a bunch of your work when you had it in the little shop in Japantown. I went back to buy one of your Trojan horses and the shop had closed up. I am so happy to own 4 pieces and to have given 2 as gifts. Your tiger sits on my mantel in the living room and never ceases to give me great happiness. I also have a beautiful bowl, a Pluto dog, a face vase which I love. I bought a little strawberry plate for my sister and a little bike cup for a friend. Are you selling your work anywhere now? I am so glad to see you are getting recognized--your work is beautiful.